'Avatar II, III, IV films to go into production simultaneously'

Washington: James Cameron has opened up about the time table of 'Avatar' sequels with respect to screenplays and writing.

James Cameron
James Cameron 

The 'Titanic' director, in a Reddit AMA session, said that the second, third and fourth films will all go into production simultaneously and currently the movies were all in pre-production and that they should be done with all the three scripts within next six weeks, Deadline reported.

The 59-year-old film maker asserted that there was always pressure on him whether it was a new film or whether it was a sequel, in order to entertain and stun audience and the biggest stress he has now was cutting out things he loves to get the film down to a length that is affordable.

Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch, in a Fortune interview earlier this week, had said that speaking on the production of the movie said that his entertainment network has planned to step up their production of major films and will have one or two or maybe more sequels to the science fiction film.



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