Located bang in the middle of the South Indian cuisine country, Matunga, Rogers Bistro might tempt you with the promise of pizzas, pastas and sizzling brownies. Hazard a visit, but reserve the great expectations for one of the ever-dependable Udipi haunts instead

You would think that a place like Matunga, which is synonymous with the Gujarati community today, would boast of a successful eatery serving global cuisine targeted at experimental, largely vegetarian taste buds. Sadly, there are none. So, when Rogers Bistro opened their second branch in the suburb (their first branch is in Borivali) we were eager to test the waters.

Rogers Bistro
Food: average
Service: confused
Ambience: comfortable

The Margarita Pizza was one of the saving graces. Pics/ Dhvani Solani

What works for Rogers is that it's strategically situated at a point where the Matunga Market shoppers meet the ever-hungry college kids from Welingkar, Podar and Ruia colleges, down the road. Apart from the hard brownie dished here, that's the only brownie point working in its favour. With tacky LED lighting, a non-air-conditioned seating area that will bake you in summer, a smiling attendant who politely tells you that the Snickers Smoothie has chocolate syrup instead of chocolate, and that the Falafel Wrap doesn't come with hummus, you begin to wonder about the direction that this bistro is headed in.

The Al Afredo Pasta came served with home-made flavours

Our very diluted Blueberry Smoothie (Rs 75) arrived along with the Falafel Wrap (Rs 65). The Wrap was palatable but the mayonnaise replaced the Tahini sauce (or the hummus that we had hoped to relish). After stumbling over an Al Alfredo Pasta dish that had a home-cooked character, accompanied with an oversweet Peach Ice Tea (Rs 35), we sent back our Lasagna (Rs 140) that strangely enough had no lasagna sheets but only a gooey mixture of cheese and veggies. It didn't taste right.

Finally, we decided to rely on dishes that are hard to go wrong with: Margarita Pizza (Rs 100) that was reasonably delicious and a filling Cheese Grilled Sandwich (Rs 75) followed by a Sizzling Brownie (Rs 100). The Brownie was nothing to write home about but we reckon it will be a hit with the locals, considering the New Yorker in the vicinity has now shut shop thereby denying the resident Gujaratis of their age-old dessert favourite.

Rogers has tremendous potential to become a success in this area such that it pains us to make peace with the fact that it is instead a product of average cooking and lazy staff who serve their fare in cheap, throwaway plates.

Our dream of a palatable experience in this area sans the idlis or dosas, will have to wait longer to
be realised.

At: Bal Krishna Building, Lakhamsi Nappoo Road, next to Welingkar's, near Snow Point, Matunga (E).
Call: 31904007
Rogers Bistro didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.