Awaiting justice

Who killed J Dey? Is professional rivalry in journalism reason enough to assassinate someone? Is a gangster who runs an empire of hardcore contract killers really concerned with negative publicity? Is a minister involved? These are some of the many questions that remain unanswered even a year after Dey’s murder.

According to the investigation team, the mystery has been solved. The men who pumped bullets into Dey have been apprehended and lodged in jail. A journalist, Jigna Vora, who allegedly had a motive termed as ‘professional rivalry’, has been arrested on charges of conspiracy. And a few more who provided the funds, the weapon and other logistics have also been picked up.

Vora’s arrest, four months after the murder, was perhaps the most controversial aspect in the murder investigation. Soon after her arrest, the police claimed that they had a watertight case. However a year later, the cops are left with a handful of testimonies from journalists close to Dey and call details of Vora, which indicate that she had spoken to Rajan before Dey was killed. The most crucial evidence for the Crime Branch till date was the forensic reports on the cell phones and e-mail details, but those have been delayed.

As of now, the cops seem to be relying on an interview given by Rajan to a television channel, an intercepted conversation between bookie Vinod Chembur’s relative Manoj and Rajan, where the former names Vora. Vora had called Rajan shortly before the murder, ostensibly for an interview. And she was away on a family holiday at the time of the murder. The other link available with investigators is the testimony of a journalist who claimed that Dey had shown him a threatening SMS sent to him by Vora.

Even Dey’s family is not convinced. In a recent interview, Dey’s aggrieved mother Bina expressed that there is more than what meets the eye in her son’s death. Just a month after the investigations, Dey’s family received an anonymous letter, hinting about a politician’s involvement in the murder. Though cops have taken cognizance of the complaint, there is no clue to take the allegations forward. The police and the prosecution have a long road ahead of them, to ensure that justice is not denied.  

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