Sarod player Ayaan Ali Khan is all excited. And it is not without a reason. He is gearing up for a performance in Mumbai today in the evening at Nehru Center, Worli. He tells CS, "I am looking forward to this concert for a variety of reasons.

I am going to perform in a solo programme after a really long time. Amaan (my brother) and I did a number of shows in Mumbai this year, but I haven't played alone for a really long time. The music will be pretty
traditional as I am focussing mainly on evening ragas.

"Satyajeet Talwalkar will accompany me on Tabla. We have been doing shows together since the last ten years, and it's great fun working with him. I love the crowds in Mumbai.

They know their music and have a wonderful sense of involvement. Music lovers in Mumbai are also open to experiments, and that's very encouraging."

The year 2011 has been a sad one for classical music lovers with the demise of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Ustad Sultan Khan. Agrees Ayaan with a heavy heart, "These two stalwarts were like the pillars of Indian classical music.

I knew them personally, and hence the loss is even greater. A sense of vacuum has filled our lives. But their music is timeless. We will be forever indebted to their passion, commitment and vision for Indian classical music." Don't lose faith Ayaan, you're doing great too!