Ayaz Ahmed and Nikita Sharma shoot bold kissing scene for 'Do Dil... Ek Jaan'

The action romance story of a Kashmiri girl Antara (Nikita Sharma) and a Mumbai goon Raghu (Ayaz Ahmed) will take the drama to a next level with an intimate scene.

Kissing scene from 'Do Dil... Ek Jaan'
Kissing scene from 'Do Dil... Ek Jaan'

Producer Saurabh Tewari says, "The kissing scene was a natural progression that had to happen between the lead pair. This is the second time a kissing scene has been aired on Indian television, though it was not shown fully due to certain limitations, the fans will be able to view the scene on our Youtube channel."

Adds co-producer Abhinav Shukla, "Indian television is evolving by the day with it's programming, we didn't want to limit the viewers to conventional ways in which intimate scenes have been shown on Indian televison so far, the show has a young vibe and has been lauded by the fans, we are glad that we got a very positive response from the viewers."

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