Ayesha Takia: Opinions are like a**hol**, everyone has one

Ayesha Takia
Ayesha Takia

After Ayesha Takia made an appearance at a recent event, social media trolls targeted her for a 'plastic surgery gone wrong'. Not one to pull her punches, the actress, who took a sabbatical from movies post marriage, silenced her detractors with a powerful post.

It read, "Hey all you fabulous people, let's be super proud of who we are right now coz it's freakin 2017 and we ain't letting no bullies bring us down. I love myself and you should love yourself too. Be fabulous and #StopSelfieSha-ming, stop picking on people for who they wanna be. It's lame AF. Opinions are like a**hol**, everyone has one. So scr** what others think."

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