'Baal Veer' to face four new evil commanders

Dec 04, 2015, 08:26 IST | The Hitlist Team

In the ongoing track, Dooba Dooba (Shreedar Watsar) finds out about Mahavinashini Pari's (Aashka Goradia) evil plan to get rid of Baal Veer (Dev Joshi) permanently, he gets worried about this and informs Rani Pari (Sudeepa Singh).

Baal Veer
Baal Veer

Rani Pari orders four commanders to catch Mahavinashini Pari and bring her back but when the commanders find her, she converts them into evil and against Rani Pari. The four commanders also possess evil powers and will now fight against Rani Pari and Baal Veer. The evil four of - Tezvar (Manish Bisla), Lohavar (Gaurav Walia), Vajravar (Mohit Setiya) and Danshik (Gurpreet Sachdev) will fight against Baalveer and his kid-gang to protect Parilok and kids on Earth.

Baal Veer

Aashka Goradia who plays the role of Mahavinashini Pari said, "The next track is filled with ups and down. My character will be seeing changing sides to get the upper hand in the fight against good. To add to the excitement we have four new commanders who will join me to fight Baal Veer and Rani Pari. I hope the viewers will enjoy our track."

Will Rani Pari and Baal Veer beat the commanders?

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