Back on the screen

Salman Khan clogged timelines after promos of his latest film, Ek Tha Tiger, went viral. The title did lead to some amusement though. Chidiya Rani, for instance, had this to say: ‘I saw the trending topics Ek Tha Tiger and Salman Khan, and thought Sallu had killed a tiger or something.

Googled to see it’s a film!’ Comedy Central India weighed in with this tweet: ‘Ek Tha Tiger is what’s left after Salman Khan is let loose in the jungle with a hunting rifle.’ And from Harris Bhat: ‘One more nonsensical, unreasonable, ludicrous and wacky movie from Salman Khan going to hit his fans on Eid.’

Another day off
The Lok Sabha was adjourned till 2 pm, the Rajya Sabha till 2.30 pm, following an uproar over a cartoon featuring BR Ambedkar in an NCERT book. Sudhir Tailang pointed out: ‘It’s a cartoon by Shankar Pillai on Dr Ambedkar — who himself had no problem with it when it was published!’ Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai reiterated this: ‘So parliament is adjourned over a 1949 Ambedkar cartoon in an NCERT textbook that the great man never had a problem with.’ According to Gaurav Mittal: ‘Parliament adjourned for some cartoon in NCERT book. It’s time to adjourn it for the real reason — we don’t feel like working.’

Coming home to roost
The Supreme Court ordered a CBI probe against former Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa for his alleged role in illegal iron ore mining. Prakash Sharma tweeted: ‘His CM dreams are as good as over. BJP must be relieved, or do they have mixed feelings?’ In Sharath Kumar’s opinion: ‘CM Sadanada Gawda’s administration can now proceed without any rebel.’

The last word
From Pakistani cricketer turned politician Imran Khan: ‘Asif Zardari and company are making a mockery of parliament, judiciary and suffering of the nation as they continue to plunder what is left of nation’s resources.’

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