A leading pharmacy chain in UK, which has kept a range of unpackaged sex toys on display for sale alongside healthcare products, has sparked outrage among parents.

Customers visiting outlets of the retail chain, Boots, have to walk past the sex aids in order to shop for shampoo, deodorants, toothpaste and sandwiches,.

Boots has asserted that customers had told the company they wanted to buy the range of sex toys designed to improve 'sexual wellbeing'.

But the giant is facing criticism, as the families were 'shocked' and 'disgusted' on seeing the sex aids on show, removed from packaging.

At Boots in Dartford, Kent, three types of sex aids were on display last week and placed on a shelf low enough for children to see.

"I am appalled. It's completely inappropriate. I'm shocked that a store like Boots is selling sex toys, let alone displaying them so openly," Julie Burgess, a retail manager was quoted saying.

"I certainly wouldn't want to be walking my granddaughter round Boots and having to explain what a sex toy is. If Boots really wants to sell them, they should be kept behind the counter with the medicines."

The display is headed 'Sexual Wellbeing' with the words 'Help you and your partner have a more positive sexual relationship'.

Below each of the sex toys on display is a card detailing the toys' features.

"We believe a healthy love life can improve overall health and wellbeing and our customers have told us that they would like to buy these products from us," a spokeswoman said.

"Approximately 1,200 stores stock these products and we have worked hard to ensure they are discreetly packaged and merchandised. There are no laws restricting their sale."