Bad news for winter lovers

Weather experts predict that winter may take longer to arrive this year owing to the easterly movement of winds 

Mumbaikars planning to get their woolens out from their closets may just have to pack them away for some more time. According to weather officials, the Easterly wind-cloud formation has lead to fluctuations in temperatures, resulting in some warm days ahead.

Officials said that Mumbai had observed a dip in temperature on October 24 when the temperature had decreased to 19 Celsius. However, with the easterly wind movements, the temperature increased drastically to 33 yesterday.

Director of Indian Metrological Department (Western Region) Vishambhar Singh, said, "We have observed a few cloud formations because of the easterly wind movements, but only if the winds travel west, will the city witness a dip in temperatures. Unfortunately, in the last 48 hours we haven't seen any such movement. Though this is a normal cycle, we might see a change in the next few days."

Maintaining that the northeast monsoon could be responsible for the cloud formations, Singh added, "The skies will be partly cloudy with no probability of rains in the next 48 hours."



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