Bakery reopening has no fixed date

The owner of German Bakery could not stick to her decision to reopen the popular joint on Christmas day last year after the financiers backed out. Now, going by her reactions over the issue, the chances of the bakery reopening anytime soon seem remote.

On hold: Renovation work at German Bakery in Koregaon Park
has been stopped for the past few days. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

Snehal Kharose, owner of German Bakery, said the bakery would not be opening on February 13, the second anniversary of the blast. "Except for the Rs 14 lakh from the state government, a lot other people promised me financial help but because they backed out I have not been able to complete the work in time," she said. "I have been left in the lurch by a lot of people."

She said she now preferred not to give any date for the reopening. "I know that before this I have mentioned a lot of dates and not stuck to my promise of reopening the bakery, so this time I have decided not to give a date.

There is a lot of interior work remaining, which is taking longer than I expected, and since I am doing everything alone I don't have any option," she said. "I know that February 13 is approaching and people will start calling me asking me when the bakery is going to be reopened. This doesn't affect me in any way although it is tough for me. I think this is God's way of testing me I just hope that I make it through hall this."

Taking a hit: The artefact shops in A1 lane wear a deserted look.
Pic/Krunal Gosavi

Business hampered in A-1 lane
The 10 artefact shops in A-1 lane -- adjacent to German Bakery -- wear a deserted look even today. Shopkeepers complain that tourists avoid this lane as the bakery reopening date keeps getting postponed frequently.

A shopkeeper, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said: "Non-opening of the bakery in the stipulated time has taken a toll on our business. Very few tourists stroll past A-1 lane since the purpose for coming there is lost."



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