Bald eagle rescued after getting stuck in car grille Pic/Clay County Sheriff's Office Facebook page 

It was definitely an odd call to 911 operators but it worked and in the bargain a bald eagle which had gotten stuck in the grille of a car was saved.

The driver who noticed the eagle stuck in the front grill of a passing car chased down the vehicle and alerted police.

A posting on the Clay County Sheriff's Office Facebook page Saturday reported the odd emergency request from a driver in the area near Jacksonville.

Pictures showed the national bird of the United States stuck in the precarious position.

Clay County officials said the bird was pulled out and turned over to an organisation in nearby Talbot Island, Florida, called B.E.A.K.S. -- Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Santuary.

The post says that a bald eagle flew in front of the vehicle and became lodged in the grill. CCSP deputies and Clay Fire Rescue personnel responded and rescue the bird from the grill.

The eagle is alive and was turned to a B.E.A.K.S. Wildlife Sanctuary.