Bald man flies to Spain on blonde girlfriend's passport

A bald man managed to fly to Spain after accidentally grabbing his blonde girlfriend's passport and using the vital documents at a British airport.

Bearded Neil Clulow, 50, said he “could not believe” he got through passport control twice with the photo id of
partner Karen Clift who has long hair.

The father-of-five only realised he had his 50-year-old girlfriend’s documents when he was waiting with 14 friends for a taxi to a Benidorm hotel.

He said, “I can’t believe this could happen, especially after all the trouble with the missing Malaysian aircraft. It’s astounding... you would’ve thought they would have been a bit more vigilant.

“If I can get through then who knows what else could happen.”

Clulow had flown from Birmingham Airport to Alicante for a three-day trip for a friend’s birthday on March 16. Monarch Airlines came to his rescue when bosses from the firm agreed to fly him back home for free the next day.

Clulow, from Halesowen in the West Midlands, has been dating his 50-year-old girlfriend for 12 months.

The couple said they were worried how the security breach could have happened. “It completely ruined my holiday,” he said. “I couldn't leave the hotel because I was waiting and needed to sign (the courier to his hotel) and UPS kept saying it would be there and it kept getting delayed.   

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