'Bangistan' isn't against any religion, says Karan Anshuman

Aug 07, 2015, 16:12 IST | Sonali Joshi Pitale

Film critic Karan Anshuman, who turns director with 'Bangistan', shares his behind-the-camera experience with hitlist

Karan Anshuman

Q. As a reviewer what are the things that you have to learn and unlearn before making a film?
A. There was nothing much to unlearn, but I had to learn many things to make a commercial Bollywood film. I had to think from viewers' point of view. There were also some technical aspects which I had to learn.

Q. After turning filmmaker, what will you miss on the reviewing front?
A. I don't think there is much to miss. Filmmaking has been a fun experience for me. But reviewing a film is also a tedious job. Ninety per cent of the films made are not up to the mark, but you have to sit through them as it is your job to write about them. I find filmmaking far liberating.

Q. For your debut film, you have chosen to make a political satire. Do you consider that a risk?
A. One needs to take risks. For established filmmakers, there is always a baggage that they have to carry. On
the other hand, newer directors can handle new subjects without any preconception. It also helps them avoid getting typecast. For me and the writers, it was a conscious decision to go ahead with this subject.

Q. Are you prepared for criticism?
A. One can never be prepared for criticism. But I want to read all the reviews and know where I went wrong or what was right about my film. It is a big test for me. I want see if people are able to understand what I actually want to tell them.

Q. Were you expecting your film to be banned in a few countries?
A. I am really surprised to see people taking offence. If someone gets offended after watching the film, he can only be a terrorist. I hope the audience understands that my film isn't against any religion.

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