Many denizens had booked packages to the tourists' favourite destination in advance. Because of the floods now, more cancellations than reservations are happening

Floods in Bangkok have brought in bad news for Delhiites in more ways than one. At a time when everyone is struggling against the raging inflation, an opportunity to enjoy in Bangkok using cheap packages will now go in vain because of the untimely natural calamity there.

Most planes to Bangkok operating from international airport in Delhi are
flying with empty seats but the flight frequencies have not changed

Arun Repswal had booked a package for Bangkok around three months ago that cost him Rs 15,000, which included return flight tickets as well as accommodation for four nights and three days. But considering the situation, he now has no option but to cancel his journey at the last moment.

Arun Repswal

Repswal is not alone. According to the travel agents in Delhi, while the bookings were maximum this week due to a string of public holidays, cancellations are also seeing a steep rise. Around 25-35 per cent of Delhiites have already cancelled their trips.

Yogesh Sharma. Pics/MID ADY

Dismal week
Rajeev Malviya, managing director of Travel Abroad, said, "With the winter tourist season setting in, Indian tourists have decided to skip one of their favourite holiday destinations, Thailand, this time. We have been in this business for decades but never witnessed so many cancellations in hotel bookings and air travels for November. People had planned since May and June for the week ahead, as it had two public holidays. But in the last one week, we have had more cancellations than reservations."

"This time of the year is when we generally don't give any offers. But we are doing that too now. People are sceptical about booking tickets for the month of December and January too," added Sandeep, another south Delhi-based travel agent.

Following the floods, many countries had advised their citizens to avoid non-essential travel to the Thai Capital Bangkok. Floods are expected to take their toll on Thailand's tourism industry, which employs more than two million people and makes up six per cent of gross domestic product.

Flood scare
"At a time when most of us are facing difficulties in earning our bread and butter because of inflation, an opportunity to visit Bangkok at an affordable price was a boon for us. But the news of the floods has really scared me and I cancelled my tickets," added Repswal.

A traveller, Yogesh Sharma, who had booked an affordable package to Bangkok in August, cancelled his tickets this Sunday. "We were excited for the trip but the flood has spoiled the entire mood. My parents are worried, so I had to cancel the tickets." An official posted as ground staff at the Delhi international airport said, "Most aircrafts operating from Delhi to Bangkok are flying with empty seats but the flight frequencies have not changed."