Bangladeshi housemaid to face trial for cutting Emirati sponsor's penis

A Bangladeshi housemaid, who allegedly cut her 77-year-old Emirati sponsor's penis after he asked for a massage, is scheduled to stand trial on Thursday for damaging his private parts

Prosecutors accused the housemaid of assaulting her sponsor and causing him 40 percent disability in his private parts, Gulf News reports.

"She has been referred to the Dubai Court of First Instance and her trial starts today (ThursdaY). She has been referred to the criminal court because her accusation is assault that led to permanent disability," the paper quoted a source close to the case, as saying.

"Had she been charged with assaulting and injuring the victim without causing him any disfigurement or disability, she would have been referred to the Misdemeanors Court. During police questioning, the woman claimed that she chopped her sponsor's penis    because she was fed up with his continuous sexual harassment �," the source added.

A senior prosecution source said that the woman was recently granted bail after spending several weeks in provisional detention.      

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors allege that the housemaid used a sharp tool to cut the Emirati's penis, leaving him permanently disabled.

According to the Penal Code, a suspect, who assaults someone and deliberately causes the victim a permanent disability, could face up to seven years in jail.

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