Barack Obama condemns Paris attacks

Washington: US President Barack Obama on Friday condemned the deadly attacks currently still unfolding in Paris, France, and said it was too early to determine who was behind those attacks, Xinhua reported.

Calling the attacks in and around Paris on Friday evening which had so far claimed at least 40 lives "an outrageous attempt to terrorise innocent civilians," Obama said the United States stood ready to provide assistance for the French government.

He also said US officials were "in contact with French counterparts to communicate condolences to families of the victims".

Barack Obama. File pic/AFP

According to a statement issued by the Pentagon, US defense chief Ash Carter was closely monitoring the situation in Paris, and no US defense department personnel had so far been affected by the attacks.

Citing US Homeland Security officials who spoke on condition of anonymity, US media reported earlier that the United States believed that the attacks now underway in and around Paris were coordinated.

So far, no group or individuals had claimed responsibility for the attacks, and Obama said in his brief statement that he would not speculate at this moment who was responsible for the attacks.

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