Baseball fan dies after falling 40 ft from upper deck of Braves'™ ballpark

Atlanta: A man died on Saturday after falling from an upper deck at the Atlanta Braves’ ballpark. The fall occurred in the top of the seventh inning of the New York Yankees’ 3-1 win over the Braves as Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez was walking to home plate to bat amid boos from Braves fans.

Spectator Greg Shiver, who attended the game with his son, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he had just told his son to watch for Rodriguez when he heard “a big thud”. “I saw a guy falling from the top. I grabbed my son and ran for security,” said Shiver, adding that the man who fell was “bleeding pretty badly.”

The newspaper said the man had fallen at least 40 feet (12 meters).

Fans seated in the lower section behind home plate where the man fell scattered and paramedics raced to treat him. “We have received confirmation that the fan involved in an accident at this evening’s game has passed away,” the Braves said in a statement.

Atlanta Police Sergeant Greg Lyon said police were investigating the circumstances of the fall, but did not immediately identify the man.

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