New York: New York Yankees pitcher Aroldis Chapman was hit with a 30-day ban on Tuesday over a domestic violence incident in which he allegedly choked his girlfriend before firing off gunshots into his garage.

Aroldis Chapman. Pic/AFP
Aroldis Chapman. Pic/AFP

A statement from Major League Baseball said the 28-year-old closer had agreed to the suspension for violating the league's joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy.

It followed an incident in October in which police were called to Chapman's Miami-area home after an altercation between the player and his girlfriend. More than a dozen officers were sent to Chapman's home where his girlfriend was discovered cowering in bushes outside the property.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said Chapman had been banned after a comprehensive review of the facts.

"After reviewing the staff report, I found Mr Chapman's acknowledged conduct on that day to be inappropriate under the negotiated policy, particularly his use of a firearm and the impact of that behavior on his partner," Manfred said in the statement.

Chapman, who is not facing criminal charges over the incident, accepted the punishment.