Battered baby battles for life, parents untraceable

As a two-year-old abandoned baby suffering from multiple injuries battled for life at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Friday, police were still trying to find her parents.

Baby girl Falak, who was admitted to AIIMS Jan 18, is showing signs of recovery, but her chances of survival are only 50 percent, say the doctors.

Falak was brought to AIIMS in an unconscious state by a teenager, Mahi Gupta, who claimed to be her mother. The baby had suffered from multiple injuries on her head and body, with human bite marks all over her body. She had a fractured skull and blood clotting on the right side of her brain.

"The baby is still unconscious, but she is moving her limbs now," a doctor treating Falak told IANS.

"Her chances of survival are 50-50, and if she survives, a question mark will remain on her mental health," the doctor said.

Police have meanwhile registered a case against unknown persons.

Sumit Sinha, an associate professor of neurosurgery and one of the doctors treating Falak, said Thursday that the injuries seemed as if the baby's head was smashed against a wall.

"She has a fractured skull and there is blood clotting on the right side of her brain. It appears that either her head was smashed against a wall or she suffered a blow from a heavy object. Her left hand is fractured while there is a swelling on her right hand. There are human bite marks all over her face, forehead and right leg," Sinha said.

The teenager, Mahi, has meanwhile been sent to a juvenile home.

While admitting the baby, Mahi had said she lived along with her 'husband' Rajkumar Gupta in a paying guest accommodation in Mahipalpur area of south Delhi, said Nirmal Thakur, spokesperson of the AIIMS Trauma Centre.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chhaya Sharma said the girl was stopped in the hospital Jan 18 after her story seemed suspicious.

"She has been sent to a juvenile home," said Sharma.

A case of kidnapping, abandoning a child below the age of 12 years and causing hurt has been registered against unknown people, Sharma told IANS.

According to Sharma, the girl had gone missing from her home in Sangam Vihar area of south Delhi last year and her parents had lodged a complaint.

A police officer said the girl had eloped with someone.

The baby was with the girl for the past 20 days, but police are still investigating how she got there.

The girl told police that the child was bruised when she tried to prevent her from running around. The child also slipped in the bathroom later, she said.

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