BCCI: We need some answers from ICC

BCCI Chief Administrative Officer Prof Ratnakar Shetty said the Board's stance all along was proved right: "This is what we have been saying all along.

Even without UDRS, the three on-field umpires were getting 96 per cent decisions right. But with DRS, that percentage hasn't improved. How has DRS helped? Even in the Australia-Sri Lanka Test, DRS has made blunders. "What we (BCCI) want to know is what is ICC doing about goof-ups of umpires, third umpires? Are they being pulled up? It is important for ICC to answer these questions. Otherwise this will only continue. We feel the umpire must be given power instead of players reviewing decisions.

"As of now, ICC wants us to use DRS in the home series (against England and West Indies). However, Dravid's shocking decisions on the England tour have only (reiterated) that DRS is not full-proof and need to be looked at again," Shetty told SUNDAY MiD DAY.

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