Recently, this paper had carried a report about how the Shiv Sena is fuming after Mumbai Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Ashish Shelar went to town with hoardings thanking CM Devendra Fadnavis and PM Narendra Modi for helping the coastal road project to take off. The Sena claimed it was their chief Uddhav Thackeray who envisaged it.

The two ruling parties in the state government are at loggerheads to take the credit for the recently approved Nariman Point-Kandivli coastal road project.

While the BJP believes the efforts of the state and central government helped get the project off the ground, the Shiv Sena are of the opinion that they should get a pat on the back because their party thought of it.

It is disappointing to see that the familiar whose-idea-was-it-anyway, wars have broken out even before the project has taken off.

What the Mumbaikar wants are banners explaining about the project, and information about how the road is going to ease life for residents. Now that the project has got the green light, it is inconsequential and a waste of time to argue about who proposed it first or when it was conceived. The politicians have to desist from an immature and specious war of words.

What should be the focus is starting the project, ensuring it is not mired in red tape, take ecological factors into consideration and have broad vision, not be myopic. Construction must be of a high quality, and must be finished in the time envisaged for the road. People have wearied of stalled projects, low quality construction and not enough thought being given to certain infrastructure projects at implementation stage itself. Let enough introspection and action go into these factors, instead of childish and mindless squabbling over the genesis of the road. The road is for the common man of Mumbai and not a platform to score political brownie points and mud slinging. A spirit of unity, deep thinking and quick action is the cement that must bind those in power in the city, when it comes to the coastal road.