'Beach boy' born to woman in Juhu sands

Vishal Yadav, who witnessed the miraculous childbirth as it unfolded amidst Chhath Puja festivities on Wednesday evening, captured the drama through his lens

Devotees who thronged Juhu beach on Wednesday evening inadvertently became part of a rivetting human drama, when a woman who was visiting the beach to offer obeisance to the Sun God, unexpectedly went into labour.

Worried onlookers alerted the police present at the venue, requesting
them to call for medical assistance. In spite of the teeming multitudes
congregated at the beach, no ambulance had been stationed at the site.
 With no help in the offing, and the woman in the throes of labour,
fellow devotees decided to take matters into their own hands. A two-
and-a-half hour-long ordeal ensued, at the end of which the woman
gave birth to a baby boy, with the assistance of fellow devotees.

Almost one-and-a-half hours after the successful delivery, an ambulance
from Cooper hospital rolled in, and carried the woman and her
newborn infant away. Pics/Vishl Yadav

While thousands had flocked to the sands on the occasion of Chhath Puja, residual crowds lingered on, hoping to catch a glimpse of Bollywood actor Bobby Deol, who was scheduled to attend  a cultural event organised
at the venue by MP Sanjay Nirupam. What stole the show, however, was the childbirth, which proceeded at alarming speed, metres from the stage.

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