Bean there. Drunk that.

We loved the look of this pretty little cafe that opened only a fortnight ago on one of Bandra's busy roads. But if it doesn't focus on reworking its menu soon, we're afraid it risks falling by the wayside and straight into cafe oblivion

Love & Latte is a new coffee shop that opens at a time when you might actually need a shot of caffeine -- at 7 am, and stays open till 12.30 pm by which time you might need to return for another. That's the good news.
The writing on one of its walls tells the story of its co-owner, a "young girl", who while on vacation in Italy "fell in love with the quaint little baristas littered around the countryside". That love is apparent in its teal and coffee-cream colour scheme, customised chairs and carefully chosen motifs painted on one of its walls, but is sadly missing when it comes to the food.

The spinach, corn and cottage cheese sandwich was dry Pics/ Santosh

Eat this
The menu lists the usual sandwiches, wraps, 6" pizzas, pastries, as well as hot coffees and cold-and-sweet-somethings. We ordered the Corn and Spinach Sandwich (Rs 69), which we requested to be toasted. The sandwich was fresher than the ones we've had at those coffee chains stained with red. Having said that, the edges were dry, and it was apparent that no one had invested the time -- or love -- to butter the slices of bread before indifferently slapping on the filling.

The Vintage Cold Coffee (Rs 79), which arrived next was good. Served chilled in a tall glass it was as sweet and as creamy, as convention demands a cold coffee ought to be. Was it strong? No. But for that, you might have to rely on their hot coffees instead. Speaking of which, they do a great cinnamon-flavoured latte (Rs 99).
The sponge in the Black Forest Mousse pastry (Rs 69) was dry, but was soon deemed insignificant in light of the discovery of a hair embedded inside.

One can, however, lay only partial blame at the foot of the management, as we learnt that the food is outsourced from Dish Hospitality. Surprising, since we have tasted some good food by these guys in the past. Either way, it's a good idea for the management to get moving on future plans of opening their own kitchen soon. As for the service, the staff is polite, attentive and clued in. Another plus in their favour.

Identity crisis
The thing is, we actually enjoyed the experience of catching our breath at this tiny coffee shop that's located slam in the middle of a noisy street. But for a place whose future success is likely to hinge on customer loyalty, it's crucial they focus on the details and get them right. Fast.

At: Humkund Co-op Housing Limited, junction of Turner Road and Waterfield Road, Bandra (W).
Call: 26416661 (open from 7 am to 12.30 pm). They do not accept cards yet.

Love and Latte didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.



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