Beats to continue making apps for Android, Windows Phone despite Apple acquisition

Washington: Although Apple announced that it is purchasing Beats for 3 billion dollars in one of its largest acquisition; the consumer headphone company still makes apps for Android and Windows Phone, which are the two main rivals of the smartphone giants.

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The deal between the two companies has yet to close, but it reportedly leaves a serious issue about the future of the service provided by Beats anywhere besides the Apple devices.

Apple buys Beats

According to The Verge, currently Apple has said that Beats music would live on, with the company''s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Cook saying that apps would remain on both the platform''s as it is all about the music.

Beats may reportedly prove to be a rare exception as Apple has a long history of shutting down the services of companies it has purchased.

The deal would mean that the subscription service of Beats would live on as a high-end to the company's free iTunes Radio service, and Apple would also continue selling the Beats hardware, including speaker and headphones in its store, the report added.

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