Bee there or be square

Vijaya Patsala's honey-tasting workshop will make you fall in love with the golden syrup, as well as let you in on the integral role that bees play in our ecosystem

Winnie the Pooh will smile at the news. After all, his favourite "hunny" in all its varied, natural varieties will be introduced to participants at a honey-tasting workshop scheduled for September 10.

"You will get to taste as many as 12 varieties of honey ranging from eucalyptus and litchee to kadi patta and saffron. It will be similar to a wine-tasting workshop. Participants will get to understand the processes that goes into making honey," shares Vijaya Patsala, of Under the Mango Tree, a social enterprise that works closely with farmers across India.

"We follow a two-pronged approach in helping poor tribal farmers: To increase their agricultural earnings by providing them with alternate income options like bee-keeping, and secondly, to give them market access through such initiatives," explains Patsala about the cause behind the enterprise's far-reaching targets.

"I intend to educate participants about honey, its properties and its benefits - from food, to natural beauty products and medicinal uses."

Vijaya says that while the main focus will be on tasting different types of honey she will also share culinary tips, including pairing honey with food and drink - "it's very popular these days, and it's bound to make the session more interactive," Vijaya says, adding that she plans to have a competition on the golden, natural reserve for participants.

Sure calls for a honey-happy time, this!

On September 10, 4pm to 6 pm;
At Bombay Hub, UnLtd India, fourth floor, Candelar Building, 26 St John Baptist Road, near Mount Mary Steps, Bandra (W).
Entry Rs 250

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