Bees cause panic in city hospital

Oct 31, 2011, 08:04 IST | Priyanka Vora

Bedlam prevailed as honeybees invaded a ward at Rajawadi hospital; cops, fire officials say they are not trained to tackle bees

Female patients in ward number 13 of BMC's Rajawadi hospital, Ghatkopar (East) had unexpected guests after visiting hours on Saturday.

The unwelcome visitors were honeybees, which invaded the ward at night, causing hullabaloo in the premises. 
The bee stung one person and nobody else was hurt, according to hospital authorities.

Acting on the patient's complaint, hospital authorities shifted the patients to the gynecology ward.

But the misery did not end there, hospital officials could not find a single authority to combat the
honeybees and drive them outside the hospital.

"Police, fire brigade officials and some NGOs were contacted. But to our surprise, they all said that they were not trained and ill equipped to handle bees. Subsequently, I contacted some local people who will try to reign in the bees tonight," said Dr Manohar Bhaskar, Medical Superintendent of Rajawadi hospital. "The honeycomb was on the wall of the hospital building. Suddenly, the bees sprung a surprise and came out of their comb. They entered the ward on the fourth floor, sending the patients running for cover," said a doctor from the hospital.

The bee man

Chines farmer Wang Dalin won a daring bee bearding contest in Shaoyang,  Hunan Province of China in July of this year.  Dalin was crowned the winner after attracting 26.86kg of bees onto his body in 60 minutes. His competitor Kongjiang managed to attract a slightly lower 22.9 kg.

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