Shiv Sena releases its election song today; officials say it highlights the party's achievements and contributions to the city during its rule in the last 5 years

How badly does the city need Shiv Sena? Whether you have the query playing on your mind or not before the civic polls in February, the party has summoned its creativity to answer the question itself.

At a party meeting in Goregaon today, the ruling party in the BMC is set to release a song eulogising its accomplishments -- such as beautification, improved water supply, roads, development works, one of its official rattled off when asked to specify the feats. The song's chorus croons that Mumbai needs Shiv Sena like a bow needs an arrow (see box). "Shiv Sena is the need of Mumbai," the official said.

The paean has been custom-composed for the upcoming civic elections to enthuse the Sena cadre, say office bearers. And, of course, to sway votes in its favour. "The last song Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena sung by Marathi singer Avadhut Gupte was a hit during the last civic elections," a party worker said. "This time we hope the new song sung by Rahul Saxena and composed by Siddhart Mahadevan, son of Shankar Mahadevan, will also be a great success," another chimed in.

They will rock you
"In the present scenario, marketing is of prime importance and we are sure the song will be on the lips of Mumbaikars once it is released," said a Shiv Sainik, requesting anonymity.

The song, according to him, describes the party's extensive contribution during its rule in the city during the past five years. The lyrics speak of the beautification of the city carried out under the Sena's regime, how the work for the betterment of water supply and roads has been undertaken as well as the overall development of the city.

In fact, on Tuesday, a collection of songs will be released in a meeting of Sena workers, block chiefs, shakha pramukhs. "Noted composer Anil Mohile has re-recorded songs composed for the party in 1968. Sung by Swapnil Bandodkar, they will all be released at the meeting scheduled at Goregaon toda," a Sena corporator said, adding, "Sena President Uddhav Thackeray takes a keen interest in the composition of the songs. After hoardings of Uddhav and son Aditya saying 'Karun Dhakavla' on city streets, this is the next step for them."

And the beat goes...
The chorus for the Shiv Sena's election song goes, Jasa dhanushyasathi baan paahije, tashi Mumbaisaathi Shivsena paahije (Just like a bow needs an arrow, Mumbai needs Shiv Sena).