Being inhuman

Pinki Pramanik left jail after 25 days, saying she had been framed and adding that she was treated like an animal. This prompted a certain Ripper to comment: ‘The fact that Pinki made news for the gender controversy and not the Asian Games gold medal speaks more about India than anything else.’ Doctor at Large added: ‘I don’t think we are any better than the cops who mistreated Pinki Pramanik. Didn’t we make plenty of jokes on her gender identity?’ In the words of Diptosh Majumdar: ‘There should be a much bigger protest demanding fair treatment for Pinki. She is a woman until proved otherwise.’ And from Soumyadip: ‘Pinki should migrate to another country, one where humans are given their basic dignity.’

In the drink
Social activist Swami Agnivesh became a trending topic after claiming that drinking one’s urine was a ‘traditional cure’ for bed-wetting. Faking News reacted with this tweet: ‘Chidambaram should note that there are people like Swami Agnivesh in India who don’t spend 15 rupees on bottled water.’ Comedy Central India added: ‘Breaking: Swami Agnivesh to launch his own brand of water and call it Pissleri.’ In the words of Gabbar Singh: ‘Whenever Swami Agnivesh shows people his pinky, it means a drinks break.’ And from MS Narain, a question: ‘So, according to his logic, the cure for premature ejaculation would be?’

People power
‘To all the sperms that made it to the finishing line, you deserve an egg.’ That tweet from Purba Ray was one of many commemorating World Population Day. Ramesh Srivats described it thus: ‘A UN initiative to make us come to our census.’ And from Karina Sood: ‘Maneka Gandhi has also contributed. She has single-handedly increased the number of stray dogs in our neighbourhood.’

The last word
From actor Anupam Kher: ‘Farmers commit suicide because of the directionless appeasement policy of the government. Not because of the common man eating ice-cream.’

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