In a surprising turn of events, a 52-year-old woman from Mumbai's eastern suburb of Bhandup sustained a head injury after her son-in-law accidentally fell on her.

The woman, who was first admitted to the Savarkar Hospital in Mulund before being shifted to KEM hospital, Parel, has a blood clout.

The incident took place late at night on January 21 at Bhandup. It was on January 21 when Nirmala Pawar (52) was sleeping on the ground floor while her son-in-law, Harshal Sonawne (37), was sleeping in the attic in their refurbished one-plus-one home. At around 1.30 am, Sonawne turned in his sleep causing him to fall on Pawar.

“I was sleeping and I literally came tumbling down from the stairs. My mother-in-law was sleeping right at the end of the stairs and I ended up falling on her,” said Sonawne.

While the distance from attic to floor wasn’t more than eight feet, Pawar still sustained a head injury due to the direct hit. She was immediately rushed to Savarkar Hospital in Mulund for treatment. “They did multiple tests and said that she needs to be moved to KEM since she has developed a blood clout in the brain due to the head injury,” added Sonawne.

Sonawne, who also suffered from minor bruises on his left hand, shifted his mother-in-law to KEM hospital on January 23. The doctors have said that the injury wasn’t serious and only needed a minor surgery to resolve the blood clout.