Believe it or not!

Apparently, director Sanjay Khanduri does not wish to reveal details of his film's schedule even to his actors

Director Sanjay Khanduri does not want to reveal the details of several scenes from his film Gyaarah Chaalis Ki Last Metro to his cast, led by Vivek Oberoi, until the last moment, lest it affects the shooting schedule in the country's capital.

A still from Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local and Sanjay Khanduri

A series of robberies that took place across metro stations in Delhi earlier this June is an important backdrop of the film. The director will only divulge the details to his cast a day before the shoot takes place.

Khanduri's earlier film Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local was a work of fiction unlike the sequel.
Our source reveals, "The inspiration is the real robbery earlier this June when security personnel stole Rs 80 lakh from ticket sales proceeds at a few stations." He also adds that in this film, the leading lady too has an important part to play.
"In Ek Chaalis..., Neha Dhupia's character was part of the journey undertaken by Abhay Deol's character. This time round, Vivek's and the girl's fates are inter-connected."

Another reason being attributed towards the director staying mum is the high security status of the capital. The source adds, "It's not easy getting permissions to shoot in Delhi."

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