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From Batman to Superman the superheroes on celluloid have not just fought the bad guys, but have had pretty individualistic sense of humour.

Slideshow: 'Ra.One' music launch

So with our desi superhero SRK, we expect nothing less from him. Aur kyun nahi... SRK's humour is legendary. Par kya bataoon, at the three-hour long music launch of the film on Monday evening, I was fully disappointed.

Kabhi kabhi Khan's one-liners almost bordered on tasteless. Kareena Kapoor se poocho. King Khan referred to her as looking exactly like Raj Kapoor, which left the lady in red going redder in the face.
He then went on to insist on how she acts with smaller Khans and now it was time for her to be with the 'Big' Khan (read SRK.) 

Phir even I went red when SRK commented on a crew-member who was walking up to the stage. He actually said, "He takes too long to come." Ewww. Bring back your original charm Shah Rukh ji.

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