Ben Kingsley to be in India to shoot for 'Avengers 2'?

A source said: "It is interesting Sir Ben Kingsley will be arriving in India in September to shoot for about 20 days in the capital of West Bengal. Though the project is under wraps, many are suggesting that it could be related to 'Avengers 2' that brings all the superheroes together in one film."

Ben Kingsley

"This is surely Ben Kingsley's coming back to his roots, which is India. Apparently, he will also travel to Gujarat post the shoot," the source added.

'Iron Man'

Kingsley was born in Yorkshire in 1943 as Krishna Bhanji to an Indian origin father and an English mother. His father had his own family roots in Gujarat.

The teaser of "Avengers 2", second installment of "Avengers", is coming out with "Iron Man 3". 

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