Berlusconi inspires line of accessories

An Italian businessman cashes in on Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi's Bunga Bunga scandals, makes bracelets which supposedly have aphrodisiac powers

While his fellow businessmen moan about Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's constant sex scandals and the fallout for Italy's image abroad, Carlo Pagani has decided to cash in.

Inspired by the Italian leader's bunga bunga parties, Pagani's small plastics factory has come out with the 'Bunga Bunga Band', a bracelet with supposedly aphrodisiac qualities. And it won't stop there. The businessman has registered various trademarks and will launch a full line of accessories.

Jumping on to the Bunga bandwagon: Carlo Pagani (top) has come
out with different coloured Bunga Bunga bands and wants to launch
Bunga Bunga underwear (above). The businessman has spent Rs 1.36
crore for the project and wants to turn it into a global brand. pics/afp

"When we saw the words Bunga Bunga, they sounded magical," said Pagani.

While the bracelet was the first off production lines, the businessman is planning to expand internationally with a full Bunga Bunga line of items including necklaces, keyrings, perfumes, lingerie and even body oil.

"For us Bunga Bunga has an extremely positive sense. It means joie de vivre!" said Pagani. The businessman said he wants to send one of the bracelets to Berlusconi. It "has no political meaning. We respect all politicians. Even Berlusconi."

Pagani said he has invested 200,000 euros (Rs 1.36 crore) in the project so far and plans to turn it into a "global brand". And even though Berlusconi has joked about the scandal the the PM's television channels are less amused. Franco Donato, who is in charge of promotion for Pagani's accessories, said Berlusconi's company has refused to place ads for the Bunga Bunga band. The company has been advertising itself through nightclubs and with a music video called Bunga Bunga Tribe featuring gyrating female dancers.

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