Berto is a very exciting fighter: Floyd Mayweather

New York: American boxer Floyd Mayweather has defended his decision in picking countryman Andre Berto as his opponent saying the latter is 'very exciting'.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather 

The 38-year-old will face Berto in Las Vegas September 12 in what could be his last boxing match but has a chance to extend his winning run to 49 encounters.

Berto, 31, a former world champion, was a surprise choice given his fall in boxing's pecking order in recent years.

"I chose Berto because he's very exciting," Mayweather was quoted as saying by on Thursday.

The match will be the last of a six-fight deal with broadcaster Showtime and could be Mayweather's final bout too.

Critics are accusing Mayweather of picking an easy opponent as Berto has lost three of his last six fights but Mayweather believes Berto will push him to the limit.

"Berto is a tough competitor, a former world champion. Every time he goes out he gives 100 percent," said Mayweather.

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