Delhi-based theatre group Desires Unlimited comes to town for the first time with the English play Jai & Juliet that show what happens when friends turn foes

If you are planning to move in with your best friend then think again. This weekend, the English play Jai & Juliet promises to make the saying distance makes the heart grow fonder come true.
Staged by Desires Unlimited, a theatre group founded by IIT Delhi alumni, Jai & Juliet is based on the famous Broadway play The Odd Couple written by American playwright Neil Simon.

Depicting how sometimes living under the same roof can turn things sour between two best friends, the play is directed by Avinash Anand.

Describing the play as an Indianised version of the original one, Anand says, "The names and location have been changed to suit the contemporary audience. Situations and jokes that brings out American humour have also been replaced with ones that fit this particular time and space."

Set in our own city, Jai & Juliet chronicles the turn of events when two close friends Raghav and Kiran decide to share a flat.
Raghav is a divorcee while Kiran is getting divorced. Anand shares that the name Jai & Juliet shows how diametrically opposite two people can be. 

Also, he explains that even now divorce is more common in the higher strata of the society as compared to the middleclass and he has taken special care to ensure the lines and moments appeal to the young urban professionals.
According, to Anand, the play shows how habits and diverse ways of living can drive people even your closest friend crazy. The situation worsens when Kiran, a compulsive cleanliness freak begins expecting Raghav to live his way of life.  However, Anand confesses that if ever given a chance, he would like to play Kiran.

"I have nothing in common with Kiran but he is a very interesting character. He shows womanly qualities like cooking meals at home, expecting Raghav to come for dinner. He cleans the house thrice a day and is hypochondriac," reveals Anand.

Anand shares that those playing the eight characters in the play have attended workshops for months for the play. With simple sets and a rib tickling narrative, Jai & Juliet is ready to take you through the journey of two opposite characters and their experiences with women, poker games and suicide notes.
So if you want to watch experiences that many have undergone trying to live with their favourite people, then watching Jai & Juliet may be a good idea. "Put these two close friends under the same roof and see the fire works," says Anand signing off.

Where A D A Ranga Mandira, J C Road
On October 15 & 16,  5.30 and  7.30 pm
Call 9741342360
For Rs 150, 250, 350, 500