130 BEST buses break down everyday

On an average, around 130 buses break down everyday, according to BEST officials. Add this to the 350 buses docked at depots and the BEST loses out on 9,000 working hours during a month due to breakdowns.

According to Suhas Samant, head of BEST Kaamgar Sena, this is a result of 600 vacant posts from cleaners to engineers who maintain the buses. The BEST administration stated that ever since they increased the bus fleet by 25 per cent, there wasn't enough infrastructure to support it.

With the addition of 1,000 buses since 2010 under JNNURM, the breakdown numbers too have increased substantially. The BEST purchased single decker buses running on CNG of which 32 are with AC, 247 Midi buses and 353 normal single decker buses taking their total fleet to 4700 buses.

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