Best deal: free sex after 9 car washes

Sep 13, 2012, 08:02 IST | Agencies

Some loyalty cards let you rack up points, but one business in Malaysia allegedly offered its customers something they could really use: free sex after nine car washes.

Police say they busted the car wash near Kuala Lumpur last week after discovering it had a partnership with a massage parlour.

Offer you can’t miss: A car wash teamed up with a massage parlour for a loyalty rewards scheme. Representation Pic

They were tipped off when they raided the parlour and found the car wash cards on several alleged customers of prostitutes there.

“It was supposed to be just another routine operation,” said Emmi Shah Fadhil, the officer in-charge.
The police squad that raided the massage parlour were told of the deal during the raid, and they found five customers taking advantage of the offer.

“To get the extra ‘offer’ customers must send their cars for washing nine times within a certain period. The tenth car wash will entitle them to free sex,” Fadhil said, which would usually cost between 130 and 180 Malaysian ringgit (Rs 2,330- 2,350).

Nine Vietnamese women, aged 18 to 28, were arrested on suspicion of prostitution. Four men suspected of running the scheme were also detained.    

9 The number of women arrested in the prostitution ring      

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