BEST monopoly to supply electricity in Mumbai over

In what will be great news for Mumbaikars, the 10-lakh power consumers of Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) can now opt for Tata Power as their supplier.

This follows the May 8th Supreme Court ruling that dismissed the appeal filed by the BEST in which it sought to restrain Tata Power from laying its network to provide power supply to consumers in its South Mumbai area between Colaba to Sion/Mahim.

The apex court ruled that there is no provision given in the statute which gives BEST a privileged position of being the sole distribution licensee in that area. This would simply mean that Tata Power can now lay their cables for the purpose of supplying electricty to island city.

Recently there have been several complaints of BEST consumers about inflated bills and high tariffs.

BEST is recovering its Transport wing’s losses which are to the tune of nearly Rs 750 crore from the electricity bills through a component called Transport Division Loss Recovery (TDLR).

Presently Tata Power supplies 1000 MW of electricity to BEST who then distribute it to the people staying and working in offices of the island city.



  • RAHUL09-May-2014

    This is great news. BEST has been looting its power consumers for decades. Tata will provide a nice and fair change for us. After all, Tata has the backing of stalwart Ratan Tata who is the best

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