Los Angeles: Beyonce has recorded about 100 songs which are yet to see the light of day, says her collaborator The-Dream.

Beyonce Knowles. Pic/Santa Banta

The producer, 37, did an official annotation of various lyrics for music website Genius, and added some scoop about the mother of one, reported Us magazine.

"We did a whole Fela album that didn't go up. It was right before we did 4. We did a whole different sounding thing, about 20 songs.

"She said she wanted to do something that sounds like Fela. That's why there's so much of that sound in the 'End of Time'," he said.

The 'Throw It in the Bag' performer said the lost Fela album is hardly the only Beyonce recording to stay in the archives. "There's always multiple albums being made. Most of the time we're just being creative, period. We're talking about B, somebody who sings all day long and somebody who writes all day long. There's probably a 100 records just sitting around," he added.

The-Dream, who served as a producer for Beyonce's celebrated self-titled 2013 album, gave no hint as to whether the unheard tracks will ever make it to fans.