Beyonce Knowles' regular bolthole helipad causing irritation among residents

London: Burley estate, a luxurious property owned by Noam Gottesman, a billionaire has prompted a council investigation because celebrities like Beyonce regularly arrive there by helicopter.

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles. Pic/Santa Banta 

The exclusive bolthole has now reportedly become so popular with visiting stars that the noise from the frequent low-flying air traffic has started irritating residents, the Independent reported.

Local resident Helen Carlile, who runs the site, said that they are frustrated by the regular arrival of helicopters and it was often late at night and very noisy. Carlile said that Beyonce stayed at the estate for a while and obviously on tour, so she was in and out every night.

The local resident then further added that no planning permission has been granted for a permanent helipad on the land and the locals have visited the site, met with the site and an enforcement case remains ongoing.

A spokeswoman confirmed that the estate was currently under scrutiny over two issues: a change of use to a residential property without planning permission and a change of use to a commercial property (helicopter business) without planning permission.

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