Beyonce Knowles shares photo with Solange after elevator fight

Los Angeles: Singer Beyonce Knowles has shared a photo with her sister Solange following the infamous elevator fight involving the former's husband Jay-Z. Beyonce, 32, took to Instagram over the weekend to show off their closeness, reported Ace Showbiz.

Beyonce Knowles and Solange
Beyonce posted of Solange post the fight. Picture courtesy Beyonce Instagram account @beyonce

According to the caption, the snap was taken on May 17 in New Orleans, where Solange lives with her boyfriend and son. Wearing a striped green tank top, Beyonce is all smile while placing her arm around her sister's waist.

Solange, who wears a bright yellow top, put her arm on Beyonce's shoulder. Solange and Jay-Z recently made headlines after a video of them having a fight in an elevator at the Standard Hotel emerged online. The family then released a statement saying that they had apologized to each other and moved on.

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