Beyond India and to the World

IMMENSE is the word to describe the contribution of Mrinalini Sarabhai to dance. Her marriage to Vikram Sarabhai, saw the union of dance and science. At a time when dancing as a profession was not taken seriously, she had the courage to take it up. She put Indian dance on the world map with her innovative attitude and great tradition.

Sunil Kothari
Sunil Kothari

She managed to fuse the contemporary with the traditional in 'Manushya' - a landmark dance drama, which was Kathakali without the use of the traditional dance costume. Pandit Nehru, who saw this performance was spell-bound.

Sarabhai's family was very supportive of her dance, and, she went on to establish the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in 1949, which is a byword as a performing arts school in Ahmedabad. Her daughter Mallika has also been supportive, by taking the dance tradition ahead.

Besides dance, her other passion was writing books and poems. 'This Alone Is True', her first novel showcased her writing prowess. She had a great sense of humour and she was a master of the English language. Through her life, dance and work, she touched the lives of so many.



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