Professor and surrealist painter Shireesh Kathale on the philosophy and primary inspiration behind his work

Shireesh Kathale, assistant professor, MIT, Pune, will showcase his artworks at an exhibition titled, Trance Form. This is the first time that the artist will showcase his oil paintings in an exhibition, which will be inaugurated by Dr Anil Avachat.

Painting by Shireesh Kathale

The 20th century literary and artistic movement called surrealism, which developed as a reaction against the "rationalism" of earlier times, inspires Kathale, who has done posters and collaterals for Dr Baba Amte's Knit India.

"My ideas comes from wild spaces and the possibility of wild havens inspires me," says Kathale, adding, "The technique lies in the texture and bamboo roots is the main texture I work with. It is adapted and applied to different elements of life."

Kathale's paintings are deeply involved with questions of primordial creativity and fertility, which is the basis for existence and depict theĀ  eternal process of birth and rebirth. "My work is similar to forms that exist in nature," he says.

The abstract works often come across as dramatic, but ironically also have a serene, meditative quality to them. Kathale uses vivid colours including blues and greens to evoke rapidity and swiftness. It wouldn't be wrong to say that his works appear to be animated.

The artist says that his main inspirations have been other surrealist painters, who he has followed from an early age. "I want to explore other types of art, go abroad and work on taking my style to the next level," he concludes.

Trance Form opened on November 4, 2011
At Balgandharva Kaladalan, JM Road.