In the latest track in 'Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain!', Angoori will be seen going through a past life regression therapy to uncover why she has been screaming 'Mangatram' and fainting on seeing Angoor. The regression will take them to the British rule in India when where Angoori was a rich Zamindar Raibahadur’s wife and Anita will be seen as a lower class maid Gulabiya.

Shilpa Shinde, who essays the role of Angoori says, “It was a complete change of look for us. Angoori is usually seen in daily wear saris with no style really but in the Zamindar’s wife’s look she has the most beautiful Benarasi saris and the most exquisite jewellery. It was a great change.”

Saumya Tandon, who plays Anita says, “Even though Gulabiya has a banjaran like look, completely the opposite of the sophisticated Anita, she is stylish in her own countryside way. I loved to create the look. Also I created a different voice for the character, as she is supposed to be hot. It's wacky and totally had a blast performing.”

On the other hand, Manmohan Tiwari may only be selling undergarments in the show, but in another life he was a rich Zamindar. And this is what the latest track of the sitcom is all about. In Angoori’s past life regression track, Manmohan will play Raibahadur. In complete contrast Vibhuti will be seen as Mangatram, a simple man and will be seen instigating Angoori to leave her husband, the Raibahadur.

Rohitash Gaud who plays Manmohan says, “It was great playing a Zamindar from the British era and really gave me the feel of being in the Raj, of course, in a comic way.”

Aasif Sheikh aka Vibhuti says, “We don’t get to experiment with our look too much so this was a great opportunity and very different from the other tracks.”