Driver of a Chhota Rajan aide Tambat 'Bhai' told a constable inspecting the vehicle that they had stolen from a builder that 'bhai' did not need any papers; while the aide fled the spot, cops nabbed the driver

The driver of an alleged Chhota Rajan aide engaged the police in a hectic chase, involving slapstick sequences straight out of a Bollywood pot-boiler.
On Monday, the Kasturba Marg police station received a call from a resident of Siddharth Nagar in Borivli (East) who reported a seemingly abandoned Land Cruiser parked in the area by the side of the road.

Cruising for trouble: Vijay Salvi, who has been convicted for several
offences including extortion and murder, had forcibly taken the SUV from
a Vasai-based builder after threatening him, cops said

Constable Dhumak who was patrolling the area reached the spot. As he started inspecting the vehicle, a man, later identified as Rajshekhar Chinchol, swaggered to the constable.

"Bhai ka gaadi hai," he said to the constable.

As Dhumak appraised the information, Chinchol further told him that he was the driver of the vehicle. When the constable asked him for the car's papers, Chinchol replied that Bhai did not need to carry any papers around.
In response, Dhumak hauled Chinchol as well as the vehicle to Kasturba Marg police station.

Within minutes, the 'bhai' referred to by Chinchol, Vijay Salvi alias Tambat Bhai, aide of underworld don Chhota Rajan, arrived at the police station and kicked up a ruckus. He shoved the police officers who came up to him to detain him. While he kept the police officers busy in the tussle, Chinchol ran, fired up the car and fled.

PSI Sameer Badbhaukar from the Kasturba Marg police station said that soon after, Salvi got into an auto rickshaw and fled as well. The two landed at the Samta Nagar police station along with two other accomplices.

Here, Salvi told the police officers that some men pretending to be police officers were about to rob their car. By then, the Kasturba police had reached the Samta Nagar police station.

"When he spotted us, Salvi jumped over the boundary wall of the station and ran off. We however managed to arrest Chinchol and the other two accomplices of Salvi," said Badbhaukar.

"When we checked our records, we found that Salvi is a historysheeter and is a member of the Chhota Rajan gang. We are trying to trace him," added Badbhaukar.

After investigations, the police found that the vehicle belonged to a Vasai-based builder. Salvi, who extorts money for Rajan, had threatened the builder and taken his car.

Tambat 'Bhai'
Vijay Salvi alias Tambat Bhai, who is currently absconding, has nine cases registered against him. Salvi was arrested for being a contract killer for Rajan. He has also been convicted for several offences like murders, attempts to murder and extortion. He has now shifted base to Virar and Vasai where he extorts money from builders and routes it to Rajan.