Bhayandar women set example by disciplined train boarding

Mumbai: Boarding a Mumbai local train is an achievement in itself, but women at Bhayandar station have gone a step ahead and adopted a disciplined way while boarding to avoid the rough-and-tumble.

From the morning hours, women at Bhayandar station board the train by making a proper queue. “By this way even pregnant women can travel in the ladies coach instead of the handicapped. Even senior citizens also feel relieved with such an easy and peaceful way to board a train,” said a commuter.

Women on Bhayandar station
Women commuters lined in queue to board the local at Bhayandar station. Pic/Preeti Khuman

A daily woman commuter said, “This disciplined way helps us a lot to travel safely and peacefully. Now we can get seats on first cum first basis without any trouble or scuffle. Railways should implement such a system or the commuters should adopt our way to discipline themselves.”

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