Actress Anjali Shrivastava's mother claims daughter didn't kill herself

Jun 20, 2017, 16:16 IST | Faisal Tandel

The mother of Bhojpuri actor and model Anjali Shrivastava, who was found dead at her Andheri West residence on Monday, gave her statement to the DN Nagar police for three hours late last night.

Sheela Shrivastava went straight to DN Nagar police station after arriving in the city from Allahabad around 11 pm. The police let her leave around 2 am.

Sheela said the police should thoroughly probe the suicide, as she suspects there is more to it than meets the eye. “I will visit Anjali's flat to see for myself. My daughter was a friendly but moody girl, who was brave enough to tackle any situation. There was no suicide note found at the spot and also, the door was open, raising questions about foul play,” she added.

Sheela had last spoken to her daughter on Sunday, where Anjali told her that she would be return home before July 13, her birthday. “She told me she was looking forward to coming home,” said the mother.

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