Big outrage over Kiran Bedi's 'small rapes' comment

Anna Hazare’s close aide Kiran Bedi has landed herself in a new controversy. There is outrage across the nation over Bedi’s remark that ‘small rapes’ and ‘assaults’ get more TV coverage than the corruption of 15 ministers that her former team was trying to highlight.

“I have read the files relating to 15 ministers who have charges of corruption against them, but the media never discussed any charges against even one of the alleged ministers. Look at the extent of discussions you have when a police officer or a government official commits a small rape or assault, but none of the media people discussed the corruption charges against any one of the 15 ministers,” is what is she told media persons at the Ramlila ground.

Bad comment: Micro blogging site Twitter was abuzz with people lashing out at the comments made by Kiran Bedi. File Pic

These comments were made by Bedi while speaking to media persons at the Ramlila Ground where she shared the dais with yoga guru Baba Ramdev who is on a hunger strike there for the last four days, agitating over recovering black money from abroad and a strong Lokpal Bill.

Micro blogging site Twitter was abuzz with people lashing out at the comments made by Bedi. “Kiran Bedi was once a role model for many a girl. Today, she may just have gone down in their eyes,” tweeted @denzil_correa. “If what is being attributed to Kiran Bedi is true, it is one big letdown to all her followers. She seems to have just lost it,” was another tweet from @keshda@vidyut tweeted, “I just hope Kiran Bedi doesn’t enter politics. Last thing we need is more misogynist politicians.” With that remark about “small rapes” #KiranBedi is now fully qualified for a #BJP ticket from South Delhi for the Lok Sabha,” was another tweet.

Bedi responded to some of the comments on Twitter telling people that she meant rapes by ‘small officers’ and not ‘small rapes.’ “I said small officer for a case of rape in comparison with big ones who commit national stealth,” she tweeted. “Small officer committing rape/crime, not small rape. Its small officer vis a vis high and mighty who commit national stealth,” was another response.

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