Big three puts cricket at sixes and sevens

India, England and Australia have emerged even bigger big brothers for their smaller family members of world cricket with the new plan to initiate a structural overhaul in the governing of world cricket. The trio will rule over every move.

India is the youngest among the three, but the most feared. The less influential members of the International Cricket Council appear to have no choice but to accept the proposal where the big three will enjoy the biggest share of revenues. In all probability, India is the chief initiator in this unfair distribution of cricket wealth.

At a time when the game’s rulers should be stretching every sinew to preserve the longer version of the game from deteriorating, this move is akin to a raging bull making his way to an antique shop.

It is nothing short of a shame that the ICC have not been successful in formulating a Test championship. This failure on their part makes the Test rankings as useless as junk. On the other hand, there is now new hope for the dying 50-50 over cricket with Champions Trophy events planned for 2017 and 2021.

Times have changed and cricket administrators have grown sharper teeth. We can understand and accept that, but where is a sense of fair play in a game which is based on sportsmanship?

With the Indian, English and Australian boards set to dominate at the table of cricketing power, the weakness of the other boards is immeasurable. The Kenyans and South Africans who know a lot about jungle power will understand this better than anyone else. It’s called might is right.

What about Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, who don’t often get to lock horns with top opposition, something that is needed for their growth? Bangladesh made their Test debut in 2000. How many Tests they have played on Indian soil? None. If the cricket’s new structure helps improve this deplorable head-to-head statistic, then we can all say it is good for the game. Until then, cricket will become increasingly about money and less of a bat versus ball battle. The game needs thick and vibrant financial veins, but it also needs a clean soul.

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